We are all about Streamatography

Individually we are dedicated professionals from a variety of technical backgrounds. Together, we put on a great show for the people who hire us. We look after the technical aspects of undertaking a live stream, and also bring some artistry and beauty to the stream itself, creating unique and immersive experiences for the viewers at home or the professionals in the office.

We really care. We care about you looking good. We care about your live stream going well. We care that you have decided to spend money with us, and that we are in a position of responsibility to our clients to deliver the best service we can. To make the process of live streaming as smooth and effortless as possible. To produce a great broadcast at the end of the day.

Many of the technicians we work with are from a theatre and performance background. Theatre is a rigourous environment; with weeks of rehearsals and pre-production followed by a 3 week run of nightly shows, requiring pin-point precision and timing to effectively deliver a live flawless live performance night after night.

Camaraderie is important to us. Going along to get along, making the most of our time together. A good team can make a hard job seem light, and offer support during difficult times. And it’s great to know everyone is watching each other’s back. We all want a live stream to go well. The power of good people coming together to do great things.


noun:The art of broadcasting a live event over the internet. It is the convergence of lighting, audio capture, multi-angle camerawork, live direction, bandwidth, technical optimisation and pre-production.

* (there wasn’t a word to describe what we do...so we made one up)

A live stream provides a unique opportunity to connect with audiences. When you are live there is nowhere to hide. Its raw. It’s true. And your audience apprciates that. They can ‘be there’ even when they cant be there. At updoot we are driven by artistry, to produce something truly excellent and noteworthy. To capture and channel the energy and trueness of moment. We bring a production-based background to the operation, with a keen eye on the presentation as well as the execution of the stream We have camera operators, and dedicated sound personnel. People skilled in their individual disciplines coming together to mak

Sight & Sound

Our equipment is optimised for live production. Everything we bring on set is designed to work in this environment and give use the best results. Our team know their equipment, and know how to get the best from any situation.

Environmental Use

Understanding the environment and how it can work for, and against you, while capturing and delivering a stream is often overlooked. Planning is critical.

Digital Streaming Tech

Our equipment ensures reliable performance and the best possible experience for your viewers on their devices. Balancing the quality of the stream against available bandwidth is often a compromise but a necessary one to give the viewers a smooth lag-free experience.

The Team

Our team is made of seasoned live-production professionals. Each adept and knowledgeable in their chosen field. We hire based on aptitude, but also attitude. Good teammates make hard work enjoyable.


While we are sending the live stream, we can also record. We can record HD footage direct to camera and we can also record the stream as it goes out. This allows for adjustment and editing post-stream, to really polish the production or re-edit for different promotional uses

Why we love live

To capture and channel the energy and trueness of a moment. We bring a production-based background to the operation, with a keen eye on the presentation as well as the execution of the stream