noun: The art of broadcasting a live event over the internet, balancing lighting, audio capture, multi angle camerawork, live direction, bandwidth and technical optimisation.

* (there wasn’t a word to describe what we do...
so we made one up)

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The immediacy of going live is compelling. Live Streaming allows you to create and engage with your audience in real time, bringing a spectacle to them wherever they are.

What our clients sometimes say to us is “What if something goes wrong, everyone will see!” but therein lies the beauty of live streaming; It is raw, and it is in and of the moment. What happens happens and the audience are with you for the ride and they understand this, too. Our job is to mitigate what can go wrong, and put forward the best of you, to amplify what can go right.

Interestingly, the fear of public failure is what ensures success. The pressure of a live stream means that everyone is on the ball and bringing their best self to the productin. No-one wants to look bad; Not the crew, not the performers, not the client. We all want to go home happy after this.

At Updoot we are driven by artistry, to produce something truly excellent and noteworthy. To captureand channel the trueness of the moment. Our background is production based, meaning that we canbalance the spectacle of the execution with the technical abilities required to pull it off.We have camera operators, lighting technicians and dedicated sound personnel, people skilled in their individual disciplines coming together to make something great.

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